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Trove Necklace

Vintage Ethiopian coins and upcycled artillery beads combine in this special piece that pays homage to its country of origin. Beautiful and neutral, its subdued metallic sheen pairs with absolutely anything.

  • Materials: Upcycled Metal and Artillery, Vintage Ethiopian Coins
  • Measurements: 37"L
  • Product Code: NE390EA
  • With Love from Ethiopia

Artillery pieces will patina naturally over time. For greatest longevity, wipe down pieces with a dry, non-abrasive cloth after wearing. To restore shine, dip metal pieces in a lemon juice and water bath or clean with mild soap and water. Thoroughly dry with a non-abrasive cloth.

How It's Made

As they move through fields of coffee, wheat, and sorghum, Ethiopian farmers scan the ground for a very different harvest—artillery shells from former conflicts. Local craftsmen melt the shells down to create beautiful beads, then transport the beads to women in Addis Ababa who string them into beautiful accessories.

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